Why Even the Strongest Pepper Spray Is Non-Lethal

Since self-defense weapons are unbiased, the gun or knife you carry against muggers and intruders is the same lethal weapon your assailant can ultimately snatch from you and use to eliminate you or someone you love. Although your pepper spray can be used against you as well, nothing in it is deadly. Even with the strongest pepper spray you can find, there is zero chance that its use will result directly in your demise.

People are right to fear how their own weapon might hurt those close to them, but what defense weapon can save but not harm your family? Pepper spray is one, to be sure. It is a non-lethal weapon that will not injure or impair for life. And it is so easy to use that there is a very little chance of anyone spraying it accidentally or incorrectly. For all those reasons, it is one of the safest weapons you could have in the company of your kids or spouse.

For 15 to 45 minutes, pepper spray can incapacitate an attacker by leaving them with a torturous burning feeling on the skin, unsteady breathing, choking, incessant coughing, and inflamed eyes and mucous membranes. Your goal is to flee and call 911 before they bounce back to health.

Mini pepper sprays are very low-risk and practical choices. You could buy a key chain pepper spray cheap and bring it along at all times. Some are equipped with a flip-top actuator or finger-grip dispenser for novice users. Lipstick pepper spray for girls 18 and above is handy during nights out, too.

Pepper gel and pepper foam are pepper spray products that are hazard-free as home pepper sprays because they cause no overspray and blowback. Since gel and foam are denser than the usual liquid stream, these stick to the direction of your spray.

Wildfire pepper spray could be the strongest pepper spray available for civilian use. Helped by user-friendly features and innovations like the gel form, however, it is not dangerous to have around your loved ones.