What Is Pepper Spray

It seems like almost every day we hear about a new form of violence, whether it’s on the news or in our communities. And while you might not think that pepper spray is an appropriate response for every situation, if you’re worried about your safety and want to keep yourself protected against attackers, this guide can help give you some background on what pepper spray is and how it works.

Pepper Spray Is A fast acting, non-lethal way to defend yourself without doing any permanent damage to your attacker.

Ground pepper powder was used for self-defense in the late 1800s by throwing it in a robber’s eyes. But thousands of years before that, red chili powder was used as a weapon in both China and India.

Fast forward to now and more research has been done on how to use capsaicin, which gives peppers their spicy heat, as an effective form of defense against attackers.

Most people think it is SHU (Scoville Heat Units), and for many years that was the standard. But, as pepper spray development became more sophisticated, MC or Major Capsaicinoids became the definitive measure of what makes pepper spray effective…the higher the percentage, the stronger the pepper spray.

The ingredients that are used for pepper spray include oleoresin capsicum, water and nitrogen. When these ingredients are combined, they create a chemical compound that is used to irritate the skin and eyes.

You do not want to purchase any pepper spray that contains alcohol as it can catch fire and cause serious injury to you and those around you.

What are the effects of pepper spray?

Within seconds, people who are sprayed with pepper spray will experience an intense burning sensation on the skin. This can also happen to sensitive body parts like eyes and genitals because of the high concentration of capsaicin in it.

The eyes will slam shut and mucous membranes in nose and throat will swell making it difficult to see and breathe.

The effects last for thirty minutes or so after being sprayed but then they wear off. Its during this time that you have the opportunity to escape the dangerous situation.

If you’ve been pepper sprayed, what can you do to lessen the effects?

There are means to lessen the pain of pepper spray. Some people recommend that you wash your skin with soap and cold water to lessen the intensity of the burning sensation.

There’s no way to completely stop the pain caused by pepper spray, but you can get some relief by:

  • going where there is fresh air
  • flushing the affected area with water will help to remove any pepper spray residue
  • avoiding using soap around the eyes as it is an irritant
  • removing any clothing that may have been sprayed to prevent re-contamination
  • blinking the eyes rapidly to help flush out the chemical

There is also a product on the market specifically for reducing the irritation and pain caused by pepper spray.

If you are looking for a fast acting, non-lethal way to defend yourself without doing any permanent damage to your attacker then pepper spray is the perfect option. This powerful self defense tool will incapacitate an assailant with its oleoresin capsicum that causes intense burning and temporary blindness.

With all of these benefits there’s no reason not to carry one on your person at all times in case of emergency. We suggest some of the top brands like Wildfire®, Pepper Shot® and Mace®. Which product do you think would be best suited for you?