Strong Pepper Spray

How badly can pepper in a spray disable a wrongdoer?
How badly can pepper in a spray disable a wrongdoer?

Wielding a Strong Pepper Spray Against Serious Lawbreakers

Have faith in pepper spray, even in the smallest canister. It can disable effectively someone out to do you harm. In fact, the heat from a strong pepper spray will buy you enough time to escape and report the incident to the authorities. Pepper spray is non-lethal, and does not cause permanent damage.

A few seconds’ blast on the face will leave a target in pain and with a burning sensation to the eyes and skin. Regular 10% pepper spray alone can swell the mucous membranes and constrict breathing temporarily. It also causes the optical veins to swell, leaving the eyes to swell and slam shut.

The Pepper Shot 2 oz. pepper spray fogger has a heat rating of 2 million Scoville Heat Units. Alongside the jalapeno, with an SHU of 300,000, it is intense heat that packs a wallop. Fortunately, targets recover from the effects in 45 minutes or less. Protection need not be bulky or threatening to be effective.


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