Most Powerful Pepper Spray

How would you get ready to go to the slums?
How would you get ready to go to the slums?

Searching for the Most Powerful Pepper Spray Defense

If you are a social worker, then entering dangerous neighborhoods is all part of the job. If you have to enter a bad neighborhood for whatever reason, do get the most powerful pepper spray you can find first.

Although non-lethal, pepper spray drops criminals by making their eyes and skin burn with pain. Their victims can then get away safely without fighting back, and call the cops while their attackers are indisposed.

The Pepper Shot 4 oz. pepper spray fogger holds 21 to 22 one-second shots with a range of 15 to 18 feet. It is a 10% pepper spray rated at two million Scoville heat units, and made with a much finer grain than other pepper sprays. Fogger pepper sprays produce a cloud, not a stream, of solution that covers a wider area.

Also, never enter bad neighborhoods without a partner. And study the area well so you know where you can make a quick exit.


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