Best Pepper Spray In The World

What defense sprays are OK to have around my kids?
What defense sprays are OK to have around my kids?

The Best Pepper Spray in the World Against Attackers

Pepper spray uses food-grade pepper in a concentration so high it brings a debilitating degree of discomfort and pain. It will make the skin feel like burning, disrupt breathing and swell the eyes until they shut. Still, the best pepper spray in the world can’t be so effective it can kill someone. It is a safe weapon to carry when your kids are with you.

A small pepper spray is unnoticeable, both to children and predators who might be lurking. Since it is concealable in the hand, your assailant will never see it coming. Plus, the spray solution’s potency does not diminish with size. An 18% pepper spray is just as hot in a 1/2 oz. flip-top canister as in a 1 lb. pistol-grip can.

Key chain pepper sprays are perfectly little and portable. Lipstick pepper spray is all that and a disguised pepper spray, too, which can outsmart criminals. Jogger pepper sprays fit active lifestyles, like that of working parents.


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