Can defense sprays do anything beyond causing a burning pain?
Can defense sprays do anything beyond causing a burning pain?


The Effects of the Strongest Pepper Spray Available

If you have ever eaten food laced with hot spicy sauce, then you know the burning sensation that pepper can cause on the tongue and lips. This is about the same burning that pepper sprays inflict on a person’s skin and eyes, except defense sprays have a much hotter formulation. For example, a japalapeno pepper has an SHU (Scoville heat unit) of around 5,000 and a habanero pepper is at the 300,000 mark, but a regular pepper spray is at around 1 or 2 million SHU. The strongest pepper spray available goes much higher than that, to 3 or 4 million SHU, but can defense sprays do anything beyond causing a burning pain?

The pepper solution in pepper sprays, although non-lethal, inflames the eyes and can cause them to shut in pain. It may result in temporary blindness as well. A target will find breathing difficult, will have a runny and stuffy nose, and may cough incessantly. The effects of even the hottest pepper spray diminish eventually, and will not leave any lasting adverse effects. Therefore, a victim must not linger in the scene. They must run away as fast as they can and notify the authorities.

There are different types of defensive sprays. For instance, pepper foam, like the large Mace 10% pepper foam, covers an attacker’s face and any part of the skin it touches. Should they try to wipe it off, the solution permeates farther, and they will feel the strong pepper spray burning on their skin more powerfully.

There are hot pepper sprays, like the Wildfire 9 oz. Pistol Grip 18% pepper spray fogger, that have a higher OC formulation than a regular spray, meaning they have more intense pepper spray effects and produce faster results. This same product is also a fogger, meaning it creates a cloud when squirted rather than a liquid stream.

Whether you choose the strongest pepper spray available or settle for a regular formulation, a defensive spray can save your life.

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