Women Pepper Spray

How will you help a wife or girlfriend hamper threats?
How will you help a wife or girlfriend hamper threats?

The Importance of Giving Women Pepper Spray Devices

It is normal to worry about female loved ones because it is often the women who tend to be targets of criminals. To be more at ease, one should give friends who are women pepper spray devices that are small enough to fit in their hands. Pepper spray is a non-lethal weapon that causes a burning sensation, which immobilizes assailants temporarily without hurting them permanently.

This is perfect for women because it is not complicated to use and is convenient to carry anytime, anywhere. A small pepper spray like the Pepper Shot 2 oz. Flip Top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream is ideal. It is a 10% concentrate of oleoresin capsicum rated at 2 million Scoville heat units. Made with a very fine grain, it is more effective than other pepper sprays with coarser grains. It contains 6 to 10 one-second bursts, and ranges up to 10 to 15 feet. This strong pepper spray causes heavy breathing and shuts the eyes forcibly.


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