Police Pepper Spray

How should I avoid dropping my weapon during a skirmish?
How should I avoid dropping my weapon during a skirmish?

Pistol-Grip Police Pepper Spray Allows for Firmer Grasp

Designed with a handgun-shaped handle, police pepper spray with a pistol grip can be held firmly, even with shaky or sweaty hands. It is also easier to aim. One can point-and-shoot at a mugger’s face without having to fumble with the device for the right direction.

An attacker who gets hit by the non-lethal pepper solution will crumple in pain because of the sharp burning feeling it causes. Their eyes will slam shut, and their skin will feel like it is on fire. One can then run and get help. The miscreant will not suffer from any lasting effects, but would have to deal with the pain for about 30 minutes before it subsides.

The burning sensation is especially intense with hot pepper sprays like the Wildfire 9 oz. Pistol Grip 18% pepper spray fogger because these have a higher OC concentration. This particular device is also a fogger, meaning it creates a cloud of spray rather than shoot a liquid stream.


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