Pepper Spray For Girls

What can obstruct danger in your campus or first job?
What can obstruct danger in your campus or first job?

Advantages of Pepper Spray for Girls 18 Up

Young and free, college students and fresh graduates tend to become oblivious to the need for personal safety, which can make them attractive targets for muggers and thugs. As such, what can they do to avoid assaults or stop an attack? What can obstruct danger in your campus or first job? No one can really predict danger, but one can certainly learn to stay on guard and be armed for self-defense, even as they go about their business. A woman aged 18 or over, for instance, can have pepper spray for girls her age, one that she can carry, hold and use easily.

For example, a mini pepper spray like the Pepper Shot 1/2 oz. pepper spray with fashion leatherette holster can be hung on a woman’s bag as a fashion accessory or be used as a keychain to hold her keys. It is small enough to clasp in the hand, yet its spray can reach up to eight feet. If she encounters a threat, then she can squirt it toward her attacker and run.

Pepper spray can make even the toughest assailant crumple in pain, especially if it hits the face and eyes. The non-lethal solution causes a sharp burning sensation on any body part it touches, and it also results in a coughing fit, difficulty in breathing and a choking feeling, but all that fades away in about half an hour.

Another example is the multi-color Pepper Shot lipstick pepper spray. It can be carried anywhere at any time in any event (like in a sporty jacket pocket or a designer purse, or simply held in the hand) without revealing to anyone that it is really a self-defense weapon. The advantage of a disguised pepper spray for girls like this is that a miscreant will not be ready for the victim’s defensive move. Looking like an ordinary personal item like a mini-flashlight or cell phone, they do not pose much threat to a mugger, or so the mugger would think.


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