Pepper Spray Wholesaler

What are ways to promote my retail business for free?
What are ways to promote my retail business for free?

Help with Dealing with a Pepper Spray Wholesaler

Maybe you carry pepper spray because you know it really works. Why not resell it and help others stay safe? First, though, you must learn to deal with a pepper spray wholesaler in order to make money retailing these products.

Pepper spray drops criminals because of the burning pain in the eyes and on the skin that it gives them, but they survive without permanent damage. Their victims can get away without fighting back, and dial 911.

Deal with drop shippers when selling pepper spray instead of traditional wholesalers, as they ship straight to your customers instead of to you. So, you do not need a stockroom. You buy only as many products as you receive orders for.

You could promote your business through Facebook or blogging, or during gatherings like PTA or homeowners’ meetings. You should focus on keychain pepper sprays and small pepper sprays. They are the easiest to sell because they are the easiest to carry anywhere you go.


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