Mace Pepper Spray

How to Protect Your Family with Mace 10% Pepper Spray

When you go out with your family, you might think you are doing everything to make sure they are as safe as possible. How about protecting them and yourself against criminals, though? Most people are not that security-conscious. Therefore, what potent defense must you carry when with loved ones outside the home? Carry Mace pepper spray to stop anyone who tries to attack you and the people who matter to you.

Pepper spray makes a suspect’s eyes and skin feel like they are burning, but it will not kill or cause permanent damage. It lets the victims of an attack defend themselves without fighting back, and get away to call the cops when their attackers are down.

Triple-action defense sprays make life even worse for suspects. The Mace Triple Action pepper tear gas fogger spray combines OC pepper with CN tear gas and UV marking dye for helping law enforcers identify suspects. OC pepper makes the target’s eyes shut, and it makes him cough uncontrollably and start choking. CN tear gas makes his eyes produce a lot of tears and his face feel like it is getting burned. This strong pepper spray is a 60-gram full cone fogger with a flip-top safety cap, and holds 18 one-second bursts that spray up to eight feet out.

The Mace 10% PepperGard Police Model pepper spray is as big and powerful as law enforcement pepper spray. Police pepper sprays are usually larger and more powerful than the civilian versions. This one is for both home and car use. Its finger-grip dispenser features a flip-top safety cap, belt clip and key chain. The 17-gram unit has a range of 8 to 12 feet, and holds 10 one-second bursts.

If someone tries to give you and your family trouble the next time you go out with them, then he will not stand a chance against your Mace pepper spray. And there is no chance he will remain standing, either.