Pepper Spray Cheap

How would you thwart peril during nights out with friends?
How would you thwart peril during nights out with friends?

Tips on Getting Pepper Spray Cheap for Self-Defense

Whenever people get together on a Friday or Saturday night with their pals, they often have everything planned. Their plans do not usually include security, though. Given this, how would you thwart peril during nights out with friends? Just get some pepper spray cheap online, and learn the rules for staying safe out there, and you and friends will make yourselves tough targets for street scum.

Pepper spray can drop criminals by making their eyes and skin feel like they are burning so you can get away without fighting back and dial 911. It is non-lethal, however, and does not do permanent damage. Go for pepper sprays that are easy to carry anywhere.

The multi-colored Wildfire 1/2 oz. 18% pepper spray with leatherette holster is rated at three million Scoville heat units (SHUs), much hotter than the one or two million SHU rating of most pepper sprays. Key chain pepper sprays like this attach easily to your bag or a belt loop for instant access.

The multi-colored Pepper Shot 1/2 oz. pepper spray with injection molded holster comes with a locking actuator and Quick Key Release keychain. It sprays out to eight feet, and holds 6 to 10 one-second bursts. You can get it in blue, black, red or pink.

Plus, you could help others stay safe by reselling pepper spray. Just display it in stands at your favorite convenience store or beauty salon. Or you could drop-ship it to buyers. Drop shippers will ship directly to your customers. You will purchase only as many products as you receive orders for. So, you will not need a stockroom, unlike when sourcing goods from traditional wholesalers.

Get some pepper spray cheap from a drop ship wholesaler, and tell your friends to buy from you, or do the same to earn extra. And make sure your next night out is as safe as it is fun.


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